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Manufactured Home Dealer Randolph County

Twin Oaks Home Sales LLC is the best manufactured home dealer in Randolph County in West Virginia. We are the best known and trusted homes dealer in the whole of Randolph county. Near Buckhannon, we are a well known name in manufactured homes for 30 plus years.Call today for manufactured homes in Randolph County.

Mobile Home Dealer Randolph County

If you are looking for a mobile home dealer in Randolph County, we can help you buy one too from a trusted manufacturer. 

The characteristics of a great manufactured home in Randolph County are-

  • HUD licensed manufacturer- It is important that the manufacturer of your mobile home is aware of all the Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards, and other necessities of your comfort and safety. It also increases the prospects of financing for the same.
  • Build quality- The quality of the build of your mobile home also is a key element of a good manufactured home, whether it is single wide or double wide variant. Things to look out for are the materials that are used for wall panels, flooring, ceilings, skirting, windows, doors etc. 
  • Awards- The awards signify the quality work of manufacturers in the industry. The homes featured in the awards such as Manufactured Housing Institute yearly awards are least likely to disappoint. 
  • Style- The manufactured homes boast of a wide variety of designs, styles and color schemes. Pick the one that matches your sense of style.
  • Customer feedback- The last but not the least, the customer feedback to the model you are interested in also tells you what you need to know about the issues if any the model in question.

Twin Oaks Home Sales LLC is the trusted manufactured or mobile home dealer in Randolph County.

Single & Double Wide Homes Dealer Randolph County

The single & double Wide homes dealer in Randolph County, Twin Oaks Home Sales LLC can help you with finding the mobile home suiting your needs. 

How can you decide if you need a single or double wide home? Answer is in the points mentioned below-

  • Single wide homes are generally more price friendly than the double wide ones.
  • The setup cost of the double wide home is about double of that of single wide home.
  • Single wide homes understandably require much less space because of their size. Average single wide homes are about 700 square feet to 1600 square feet. The double wide homes are generally between 1100 square feet to 2400 square feet. 
  • The floor plan in case of single wide home is limited as opposed to the double wide mobile home. 
  • The maintenance of both mobile homes takes about the same time unless there is a settling issue.
  • The double wide home is generally considered more lucrative for resale purposes.
  • The double wide is much more comfortable to live in compared to a single wide home owing to bigger size and better floor plan. 

Considering the above mentioned facts you can choose the mobile home to suit your taste and budget and then get in touch with Single & Double Wide Homes Dealer Randolph County such as Twin Oaks Home Sales LLC.


What is the difference between a mobile home and a manufactured home?

A mobile home is a factory manufactured home built before July 1, 1976, before HUD (Housing and Urban Development) code became the law. 

A manufactured home is a factory manufactured unit of housing that was built after July 1, 1976. It meets all the HUD regulations set forth that year. 

Twin Oaks Home Sales LLC can help you buy manufactured homes in Randolph County.

Are manufactured homes cheaper?

Yes, the manufactured homes are much cheaper as they are built on assembly lines and are mass produced. A manufactured home is usually classified as personal property and not real estate. You can own one with the help of Twin Oaks Home Sales LLC. 

Who makes the best single wide mobile homes?

The single or double wide mobile homes manufactured by different brands have similar or close to similar quality. The major difference is that of proper installation. Twin Oaks Home Sales LLC is a home seller that installs your mobile home according to specifications. 

Do double wide homes appreciate?

According to Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) House Price Index (HPI) the mobile or manufactured homes of both type, single wide and double wide appreciate as well as the site built homes. Twin Oaks Home Sales LLC can help you buy manufactured homes of both types in Randolph County.